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Sign-up Sheet FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Sign-up Sheet. Learn how to find your sign-up sheet, track participation, and more.

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FAQ for Sign-up Sheet Organizers

Where can find my sign-up sheets?

You can locate your sign-up sheets under the 'My Doodles' section of the new dashboard.

How do I review participation in my sign-up sheet?

To review participation in a session, please read this article. Currently, organizers are not informed about participation activity via email. We will evaluate adding it as a post-Beta enhancement.

Can I delete a participant from my sign-up sheet?

Currently, only the sign-up sheet participant can adjust their session enrollment. If you need a sign-up sheet participant to delete their booking, ask them follow these steps:

  1. Locate the booking confirmation email the participant received when they booked a session on your sign-up sheet

  2. Click the 'View event' button in the booking confirmation email to load the event in their web browser

  3. From their web browser, click 'Edit booking'

  4. Make the adjustments to the booking

  5. Click 'Update'

We are currently in the discovery phase for bringing this enhancement to your sign-up sheet experience.

Are sign-up sheet responses hidden?

Sign-up sheet organizers can choose to keep responses hidden or to make participant list public. By default, participants of a sign-up sheet will not see who else has registered for any session. To make participant information public, click the box next to 'Make participant list public' on the Sign-up Sheet creation screen.

Can I limit participation in a sign-up sheet?

Yes, sign-up sheet organizers can set a limit on how many sessions a participant can select. To make limit registration per participant, click the box next to 'Limit registration per participant' on the Sign-up Sheet creation screen.

Please note: the participation limit value must be less than the total number of sessions. For example, if you offer 10 sessions, the session limit for participants can be any value between 1 - 9. We recommend you set the total number of sessions you are planning before applying the session selection limit.

Where can I find the video conferencing link to my session?

Video conferencing links per session are only available in the calendar invite. Adding video conferencing links to the sign-up sheet environment is scheduled for a future enhancement.

Can I create a sign-up sheet without a Doodle account?

No, organizers must be logged in to their Doodle account to create a sign-up sheet. We are not supporting anonymous creation at this time. We will evaluate adding it as a post-Beta enhancement.

Can I export sign-up sheet participation data?

Yes! Click here to learn more about how to export your sign-up sheet's enrollment data.

Can I delete a sign-up sheet?

Yes, you can delete a sign-up sheet. To delete a sign-up sheet:

  1. Locate the sign-up sheet you wish to delete on your dashboard

  2. Click the three dot icon

  3. Select 'Delete'

Can I change what time zone I see sessions in?

As with all Doodle scheduling features, the time of an event is attenuated to the time zone setting in your browser. So, if your sign-up sheet participant is in a different time zone than you, Doodle will adjust it for them so that they are sure to arrive at the correct time. In some Doodle scheduling features, such as Group Poll, organizers have a time zone selector so that they can see what time their sessions will be in a different time zone. Sign-up Sheet does not currently have this function, however we will evaluate adding it as a post-Beta enhancement.

How do I make sessions with a custom duration?

Currently, only preset session durations can be applied to each session on a sign-up sheet. We will evaluate adding it as a post-Beta enhancement.

Can I co-manage my sign-up sheet with another user?

Currently, only the owner of the Doodle account can manage a sign-up sheet. If your organization will commonly require the co-management of sign-up sheets, consider creating a shared organizational account (e.g. ‘[email protected]’).

Can I brand my sign-up sheet invitations?

During the Sign-up sheet Beta, some elements that work with our longstanding scheduling features may not be operational for Sign-up Sheet. Currently, any custom branding you apply to your Pro, Team, or Enterprise accounts will not be applied to your Sign-up Sheet invitations. Doodle’s default branding will be applied to Sign-up Sheet invitations during the Beta phase.

FAQ for Sign-up Sheet Participants

Can anyone participate in a sign-up sheet?

Yes! Anyone who is invited to participate in a sign-up sheet can provide their response to the organizer - no account required.

Can I participate in a sign-up sheet anonymously?

Yes! Anyone who is invited to participate in a sign-up sheet can provide their response to the organizer - no account required.

Can participants edit their session selections?

Yes! Participants can pick different sessions by clicking 'Edit' from their registration confirmation screen. Make sure you are logged in to your Doodle account to access the edit feature.

I participated in a sign-up sheet and do not see it on my Dashboard. Where can I find the information?

Currently, the sessions you register for from an event organizer's sign-up sheet are visible on the Dashboard Beta. However, the sessions you register for from an event organizer's sign-up sheet are not visible on the classic Dashboard. To see the event on your dashboard, please make sure you select the new dashboard beta.

Don't see the answer to your question? Let us know!

If you have a question about how to use Sign-up Sheet and cannot find the answer here, please let us know by opening a conversation using the support widget on the bottom left of the screen. The AI assistant will help you find the answer to your question. In the event that the question cannot be answered, your question can be escalated to a support agent.

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