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About Doodle

All you need to know about setting up your Doodle account and getting started with Doodle.

13 articles
Group Poll

Learn how to use Doodle's Group Poll tool to easily schedule meetings with a group of individuals.

28 articles
Sign-up Sheet

Articles supporting Doodle's Sign-up Sheet Beta

8 articles
Booking Page

Learn how to use and set up your personal Booking Page to enable other people to book meetings with you on your terms.

12 articles

Learn how to use Doodle's 1:1 tool to propose and set up one-on-one meetings.

7 articles
New Dashboard

Articles supporting Doodle's New Dashboard Beta

6 articles
Billing and Upgrading

All you need to know about your Doodle Professional subscription, including billing and invoices.

10 articles
Team Plan Admins

All you need to know as the admin of a Team subscription, including company branding, member management and invoices.

6 articles

Read about our security policies and our terms and conditions.

8 articles

All you need to know about participating in Group Polls and 1:1s.

9 articles

All you need to know about Doodle's many integrations, including how to set up your calendar and configure video conferencing tools.

12 articles

Discover solutions to common issues, including forgotten passwords, account activation, and browser issues.

13 articles
iOS & Android apps

All you need to know about using Doodle's application for your smartphone.

11 articles

Additional resources for how to get the most out of Doodle

9 articles

All you need to know about contacting Doodle Support and Sales

3 articles
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