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Report Abuse to Doodle
Report Abuse to Doodle

Learn more about what you should do if you receive spam, suspicious/unrecognized links, or other forms of abuse.

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Doodle is the fastest and easiest way to schedule - from meetings to your next great collaboration. However, individuals sometimes use the Doodle platform for unacceptable purposes, like spam, phishing, or other malicious behaviors.

Types of Abuse

The following lists behaviors that constitute abuse:


  • An individual is sending spam or unsolicited/bulk emails through their Doodle account.

Suspicious/unrecognized links:

  • An individual is using their Doodle account to send emails that contain phishing, malicious links, or place suspicious links on their Doodle booking page.

Illegal activity:

  • An individual is engaging in activities related to hate, violence, terrorism, harassment, or fraudulent/illegal activities.


  • An individual is using a false identity on their Doodle account to deceive others or achieve personal gain.

What you can do?

We take abuse seriously and work hard to combat it. Please take the following steps if you suspect someone is using Doodle for malicious purposes. Providing as much information as possible will help us with the investigation:

  1. Click the 'Report Abuse' button below

  2. Follow the prompts and report as much information as possible

  3. If applicable, forward abusive emails to [email protected]

Our team will review your report and take any necessary, immediate action. Please note: someone may reach out to you if we need more information.

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