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The benefits of connecting your calendar to your Doodle account
The benefits of connecting your calendar to your Doodle account

Maximize the power of Doodle by connecting your calendar. Automate invites, sync events, add video conferencing links, and more!

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While it is possible to use Doodle without connecting your calendar to your account, you miss out on some of Doodle’s most powerful scheduling features and its many time-saving automations.

When you connect your calendar to Doodle, you can:

  • Automatically send calendar invites to participants

  • Automatically sync events to your calendar

  • Connect your preferred video conferencing application

  • Use Booking Page

  • Eliminate double booking

  • See your subscribed calendars

Continue reading to learn more about how connecting your calendar enables these benefits, or scroll to the bottom to learn how to connect your calendar to your Doodle account.

Automatically send calendar invites to participants

Whenever anyone schedules an event with Doodle, both the event organizer and event participants receive a confirmation email with the event details. However, without a calendar connection, everyone is responsible for manually adding the event details to their calendar.

When you connect your calendar to your Doodle account, your participants will also receive a calendar event invitation. In two clicks, your participants can add the event and all the event details to their calendar - ensuring they have all the information they need to arrive on-time and prepared.

Automatically sync events to your calendar

Event organizers enjoy even more automation when they connect their calendar to their Doodle account. Whenever an event is booked, Doodle will instantly add the event to the connected calendar, along with all event details.

Add video conferencing links to your calendar invites

Doodle users can connect popular video conferencing applications, like Zoom, to their Doodle account. With your calendar connected to your Doodle account, any meeting you host using your connected video conferencing app will automatically have a unique meeting link applied to participant’s calendar invite attachment as well as your calendar event. It is another powerful automation that Doodle users with connected calendars can take advantage of.

Additionally, Doodle users who connect a Google Calendar will automatically gain access to Google Meet. It is two integrations in one, and both are free to use!

Access to Booking Page

Connecting your calendar to your Doodle account is required for using Booking Page. With Booking Page, Doodle users set rules for when they are available. Doodle then scans your connected calendar for available time slots that meet those rules. Now anyone with access to your booking page link can easily schedule a time to meet with you that is guaranteed to work with your availability.

As always, any event scheduled with your booking page will be automatically added to your connected calendar.

Eliminate double bookings

With your calendar connected, you can see when you already have meetings. Now you can be sure that the times you propose to meet will not conflict with anything else on your calendar.

Access your calendar subscriptions

In addition to viewing your own calendar when proposing times for your next event, connecting your calendar also connects your calendar subscriptions. Now you can propose times that you know will work for you and any other stakeholders, co-presenters, and more.

Connecting your calendar

Connecting a calendar to your Doodle account will help you save time, increase productivity, improve organization, and enhance your collaborations. In addition to all these benefits, the process for connecting your calendar is very simple and takes less than a minute.


  1. Go to your Doodle account settings

  2. Select ‘Connected Calendars’ from the left-side menu

  3. Click the ‘Connect’ button for your preferred calendar app

  4. Log into your Google account

  5. Allow access

Check out the short video below, or read more about connecting your Google, Microsoft 365 or Apple calendar:

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