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Connect Apple Calendar app with Doodle

To see your Doodle appointments in your Apple Calendar app (on a desktop) you need to connect it via ICS feed 

Due to restrictions from Apple, it is not possible for you to see your own calendar events (your availability) when you create and participate in polls. However, by linking your Doodle ICS feed to your Apple Calendar, your appointments made from Doodle will sync to your calendar. Please read more about events that will sync here. 

To have your Doodle events sync with your Apple Calendar, please follow the steps below 

1) Log into your Doodle account, and go to your account settings --> calendars. Locate, and copy your personal Doodle ICS link. 


2) Open your Apple Calendar app, and click on "file" at the top of the screen, and then click on "new calendar subscription"


3) Enter the link you copied from your Doodle account and click on "subscribe" 


You will now be able to see your appointments scheduled with Doodle directly in your Apple Calendar app. 

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