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Bookable Calendar dashboard sections - explained

When you log into your Doodle account you will see the option to create/view your Bookable Calendars on the left side of your Dashboard page, and you will see different sections for creating Bookable Calendars.





Under this section you can create 1 Bookable Calendar. This is the Bookable Calendar that is free for all users regardless of account status. This would be a good place to set up the most important Bookable Calendar that you always want access to regardless of your account status.


If you are a Premium PRO user or higher, you are able to access and create multiple Bookable Calendars under the Premium section. If you cancel your Premium subscription at some point, you will not be able to access the Bookable Calendars you created here. But don’t worry! We save your Bookable Calendars for you. Simply re-subscribe to Premium to regain access.

Company X

If you are part of a Team or Enterprise subscription (you have been added to a multi-user subscription) you will have a third section with the name of the company that added you. Here, you can also create several Bookable Calendars. If you leave the company Premium subscription, these Bookable Calendars CANNOT be regained.

The calendars created here are all PERSONAL i.e they cannot be accessed by someone else who is part of the same company subscription. 


The features of the Bookable Calendars are the same across all sections



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