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AMP powered dynamic emails

AMP dynamic emails are emails powered by the Google's AMP for Gmail technology. This is a technology designed to make emails feel more like an interactive webpage without necessarily bringing the users to a browser.

How does it work on Doodle?

We decided to give our users the chance to access this technology by plugging it into our poll invitation emails. This means that if the criteria for such emails are met (see further below), the email invitees of a poll will be able to vote directly from the invitation email in their Gmail inbox, without having to access the web version of the poll.

Why is it good for you?

For the poll invitees who receive an AMP powered invitation email, the experience is much smoother. In fact, by opening the invitation email in their Gmail inbox, they will be able access all the relevant and up to date information of the poll and to vote directly on the dynamic email. The email is always up to date with possible changes made by the poll admin. 

For the organizer who invited their invitees through an AMP powered invitation email, there is a much higher chance to gather quick responses from the invitees, making it faster and easier to make a final decision for the poll.

How to use AMP dynamic email?

AMP powered invitation email are enabled for polls:

  • created through a Premium account
  • which do not have any additional feature (no extra fields selected during step 3 of the poll creation) 

Please note that AMP dynamic email can be rendered only in Gmail inboxes, every other mail client will render them as standard html emails.

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