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What is my Bookable Calendar?

Doodle’s Bookable Calendar is the unique calendar page that leaves you in full control of your appointment bookings. No need to email back and forth with guests or potential clients to find a time to meet. Set up your Bookable Calendar to fit with your availability, share the link, and allow anyone to book appointments with you. Both you and your participant will receive a calendar invitation to the meeting. 

With your Bookable Calendar you set up a general calendar that reflects your free times based on the availability of your connected calendars. You decide the rules of the meeting: what is the time frame, what is the duration of the meetings that can be booked with you, how long in advance can others book with you, and how long into the future do you want to offer times.

Never has it been faster or easier to set up 1:1s with potential clients, students, colleagues or whomever you might need to meet with. With a Bookable Calendar you will have a minimal of manual labor as the Bookable Calendar is constantly up to date with any changes made within your connected calendars - you will never double-book yourself! 

In order to use Bookable Calendar it is necessary to have a Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendar connected in your Doodle account settings.

If you have a Premium subscription, you can create as many Bookable Calendars as you'd like. 

Easy setup: 

  1. Create a meeting link with a personal URL and set the meeting rules: duration, minimum notice, work hours, future horizon, buffer time, and custom questions. 


  2. Share the link and allow guests to book appointments with you. They can select any free time and the meeting is instantly booked. The booked option is no longer available to others. 


Best practices for sharing your Bookable Calendar Link

Share the link to your Bookable Calendar in your email footer, or embed it on your website. Your guests simply open the link and choose a time option. Once the meeting is booked it’s added to your calendars automatically! Your link stays the same. Even if you change the settings or the availability of your Bookable Calendar, you do not have to send out a new link or replace it - it stays the same! 

Pause your Bookable Calendar

If you do not wish for anyone to book a meeting with you for the time being, you can easily disable your link from your Doodle account. You do not have to remove your link from anywhere you have it posted - if someone clicks on the link, they will be notified that you are not available for bookings at the moment. At any time, you can enable the link again. 

Need to reschedule?

The participant can reschedule an appointment they made in your Bookable Calendar by clicking "reschedule" in the calendar invitation they received after making the booking. They are then taken back to your Bookable Calendar page to select a new time - you will be informed and the calendar event will be updated automatically.

As the admin of the Bookable Calendar, you can delete the calendar event in your personal calendar and reach out to the participant to ask them to select a new slot. 

See here how to set up and share your Bookable Calendar in a detailed step-by-step article




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