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How do I set up my Bookable Calendar?

When you go to your dashboard, you will find the option to create your Bookable Calendar on the left side of the screen, or under the button "Create" in the top right corner. 

Click ‘Create calendar’ to get started  If you haven’t already done so, you will be prompted to connect your calendar to Doodle. Connecting your calendar is how you can get the most out of your Doodle account. This allows you to see your appointments as you are creating Doodle polls, and it allows you to sync the meetings you create with Doodle automatically to your calendar. 



Check out the video below to see how you can set up your Bookable Calendar 


*HINT - once someone books a meeting with you, it will show up directly in your connected calendar. Your participants will receive an email invitation, and a calendar invitation if they are using a calendar email. 

**HINT - if you have a Pro Premium subscription or higher, you can create several Bookable Calendars. Each calendar has its own URL and name that you decide.

Custom questions: 

Ask your participants custom questions that they will have to fill out when they book with you. The answers to your questions can be found in the calendar event created in your connected calendar as shown below:


Where to find your Bookable Calendar link

Once you have set up your Bookable Calendar, it is time to make your link visible. You can turn on ‘link sharing’ next to the name of your Bookable Calendar from your dashboard. Copy the link by choosing ‘copy link’ and then send it out as you'd like!

Alternatively, you can turn on ‘link sharing’ and copy the link on the Bookable Calendar itself. Click on your Bookable Calendar's title to open it. 

Best practices for sharing your link

There are lots of great ways to share your Bookable Calendar link to allow people to book appointments with you. 

If your main method of communication with potential clients or guests is email you can add your Bookable Calendar link to your email signature. Or simply copy the link (as described above) and add it to the text of an email to a guest you would like to request an appointment with you. 

Include a note such as: 

Please use my Bookable Calendar link to find a time for our appointment. You’ll receive an email with a calendar invitation once booked.

Embedding your link into your website is also a great way to allow potential clients to get in touch with you. Along with your other contact details, you could include your Bookable Calendar link with helpful information about booking appointments with you. 

Lastly, you could include in your various social media profiles if you happen to be active in this sphere. Most platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have an ‘About me’ section for just this purpose. 

Choose one or more, or all of the above to share your link and save you and your guests valuable time when they book appointments with you!

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