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How do I set a poll deadline?

A Premium Doodle account allows you to set a deadline for voting in your poll. The poll deadline comes very handy whenever you need to gather your invitee's preferences within a certain date.

Setting a poll deadline for your poll is easy! Just flag the relevant checkbox while setting up your poll and set the desired deadline by clicking on the date. After the deadlines has passed, no more votes can be added to your poll and existing votes can no longer be changed.

You can always lift the deadline or change it, by editing the poll and untick the checkbox or select a different date for the deadline. 



How does the poll deadline work?
The date that you set up as the poll deadline will be displayed to all your invitees whenever they access the poll page to vote. Moreover, you as an organizer, will be notified about the poll deadline approaching when in close proximity to the date you set.

Does the poll deadline automatically close the poll?
No, the poll deadline doesn't automatically close the poll. Therefore, the poll still needs to be closed by you, as the organizer. But once the deadline has passed, the participants can no longer vote or change their votes. 

Does the poll deadline send automatic reminders to the invitees?
No, the poll deadline alone doesn't send automatic reminders to your invitees. In case you want to also set automatic reminders, always make sure that the relevant checkbox for automatic reminders is also flagged.

How does the poll deadline look on my poll?
It's a very simple message displayed to your invitees to make sure they know they need to provide their preferences within a certain date.

Now there is only one thing left to do, go and create your first poll with a poll deadline!

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