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Doodle Bot on Slack - Privacy

The Doodle Bot has only very minimal privacy requirements and operates in compliance with GDPR.

  • It is only reading the Slash commands and only listens to the commands when the user triggers them to activate the Doodle Bot.

  • It does not read nor record any type content in none of your channels or private message windows.

  • We only keep the Doodle ID and the Slack ID to identify and sort out the polls to the right participants.

  • Unlike many other apps, the Doodle Bot is not silently present in the background of your private conversations. 

  • We do not collect any information about anyone who is not using the bot.

  • No data is stored regarding any of the participants.

  • The minimal information we collect about our users only relates to their activity and usage of the Doodle Bot.

  • It only relates to the activity of our users within the bot based on the trigger actions initiated by the user.

  • These data are essential to provide the service as well as the feedback necessary to improve and maintain Doodle Bot.
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