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Doodle Bot on Slack - Super power tips

If you've read this article you are probably already familiar with the /doodle command in Slack, and with commands in slack in general.

Here are some power tips you can use to become a scheduling expert with Doodle on Slack:

1) Type `/doodle list` into the message box anywhere in Slack, then click Enter to submit the command and see your list of Doodle polls. On that list, you'll be able to find polls you've created and those you've been invited to participate in. Then, pick one and make edits to it by changing its details, adding time options or removing them, or check out the votes status.

PRO TIP: Make sure you've connected your Slack account to you Doodle account so you'll get full access to all of those (more info below in [3]).



2) Type `/doodle help` into the message box anywhere in Slack, then click Enter to submit the command and get helpful tips and a 1 minute walkthrough video:

3) Type `/doodle signup` into the message box anywhere in Slackthen click Enter to submit the command and get a unique personal link for signing up to Doodle with your Slack account.
This means, you will be connecting your Slack workspace and your Doodle account, making your all Doodle polls accessible everywhere in Slack and vice-versa.

It also means you can further customize your polls on your Doodle account settings and get access to the web-only features. 

PRO TIP: If you have already connected your accounts once, you can type in the `/doodle signup` command again and again to continue connecting Slack workspaces to your Doodle account.

The command will generate a unique personalized link for a quick access to your Doodle account settings. Clicking on that account settings link will take you here:


Here you will be able to connect multiple Slack workplaces to your Doodle Bot. This means that when fetching your list of polls (from the `/doodle list` command), you could access all the polls from your Doodle universe in this one place.

You can then choose on which workspace you prefer to receive your Doodle notifications on (like new votes that are rolling in, or the final date of a poll you have participated in). We send you notifications only on a single workspace in order to avoid notification-spamming you 🙅🏻‍♀️. 



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