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Doodle 1:1 - How to create a 1:1 meeting

Creating a Doodle 1:1 is a simple, quick and efficient way to set up your next one-on-one meeting. 

Doodle 1:1 is a Premium FeatureIf you are looking to start a free Premium trial in order to test the 1:1 meetings you can do it here.(Clicking here will start you trial right away - don't worry! you will not be charged) 

Check out the video below, or keep reading for a detailed tour of Doodle 1:1 

1) From your Doodle dashboard click on 'create' and then on '1:1 meeting' as shown below 



2) You can now add a meeting title, meeting details (a link to a conference call, notes, details about the meeting etc.) meeting location, and select the duration time for the meeting.



3) Next up, you select the times you would like to offer your participants. Click anywhere on the table to select a time. You can move and delete the time slots as you wish! Also, make sure to click on the little gear in the top right corner, to select your calendar availability. 



4) Great! At this point all you have to do is send an invitation. You can extend an email invitation or copy a link to be shared with your invitee. You can invite several participants and when a time slot is selected by one participant, it becomes unavailable for the others. 



You can add separate email addresses or add a list of invitees. You can do so clicking on the "add invitees in bulk" link and copying and pasting in the pop up window that will open:



You can also invite your participants by sharing the link to the 1:1 - anyone with the link can select a time slot in your 1:1. Simply select the sharing option as seen below and copy the link.


That was it!
Once your participants selects one of your proposed time slots you will both be notified via email, and the event will automatically appear in your connected calendar. 

Questions? Feel free to reach out to to us here 


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