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How do I participate in a Doodle 1:1 poll?

You have received an invitation to a Doodle 1:1 poll, and you would like to quickly schedule a meeting in your calendar? It's super easy. Let's see how it works step by step:

1) Click on "find a time" in your email invitation to the 1:1 poll, or click directly on the 1:1 link.



2) You will be taken directly to a calendar view in the poll where you can pick the most suitable time for you to meet. Start by making sure you desired calendar is chosen, and check that the time zone for the poll is showing correctly. If you see a wrong time zone, simply click on the current time zone and backspace to delete it. Once that is done you should see a drop down menu with additional options, or you can type in your correct time zone to select it quicker.


 3) Once you click on a desired time slot, a check mark will appear on it and you will now be able to click on the "book it" button.


4) If everything went smoothly you should see a confirmation screen very similar to this one:


5) A few minutes later you should receive a confirmation email, and an invitation directly in your Primary calendar. 



Do you need to cancel the meeting? No problem! Click on "cancel meeting" in the confirmation email shown above. The admin will be notified and can schedule a new meeting with you.  

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