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What's a 1:1 meeting?

1:1 meeting is a premium feature that will allow you to create an invite for a 1:1 meeting in 4 easy steps, cutting down the usual back and forth.

- Great! How does it work?

All you have to do is send a link with possible meeting times (you can do so HERE), your participant chooses one, and it’s booked in your calendars! Whether it’s a colleague from within your organization or an external client, it takes only 4 steps to set up your one-on-one meeting. To see what these steps are just follow this link.

Like all Doodle features, this tool integrates seamlessly with your calendar to keep you organized.

Just make sure you have already connected your calendar to your Doodle account as described HERE.

In case you use multiple calendars, there are two ways you can check availability to look for free time slots:

You can either connect another calendar in your account settings or you can look up calendars you have access to, by clicking the small gear icon on the top right while you’re creating a 1:1 invite, and in the pop up “Your Availability” you can select the calendars that you want to consider for your available times. Bildschirmfoto_2019-08-14_um_16.25.33.png


A pop up will come up allowing you to select which calendars you want to base your availability on and what is your primary calendar. This is very important in order to avoid double booking.


- Is the 1:1 meetings feature available for free?

It is available for unlimited usage for all users which are currently in a trial or a subscription for one of these plans: Pro, Team or Enterprise

If you are in a Starter plan, then you are allowed to use a limited version of 1:1 meetings. That means you can have at max. 2 pending 1:1 invites at the same time.  

If you are looking to start a trial  here in order to test the 1:1 meetings you can do it HERE.

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