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What is Doodle Beta?

The Doodle Beta
Here at Doodle we strive to create the absolute best product for our users. Our newest endeavour is a brand new Doodle scheduling experience (BETA) for our Premium users. The beta offers new versions of our popular Group Poll and 1:1 tool. Faster, easier, simpler!

Opt in

If you are a Premium user, you should have the option to try out the new beta when you log into your Doodle account. If you don’t, feel free to reach out to us, and we will get you all set up.

Opt out
Should you want to leave the beta version and go back to the old Doodle, you can easily opt out under your account settings.

Do you have any feedback?
As is typical for a beta product, you may experience a more buggy and unstable behaviour than what you are used to with Doodle. Help us improve! We would LOVE to hear your feedback. Please write us here and help us improve our beta product.




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