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How do I participate in a 1:1 meeting? (BETA)

You have been invited to a Doodle 1:1 meeting, and you'd like to know how to participate? We'll show you how! 

If you have a Doodle account, make sure to log in at the top right corner. You don't need to have a Doodle account to participate, but you will have to enter your name and email after voting, so that the organizer of the meeting knows who you are. 

Check the meeting information 

In the participation view you'll see all the meeting information on the left side of the screen - here you can see who created the meeting (who wants to meet with you), where it'll take place, and a meeting description.

Select your calendar(s) 

In the top right corner, you can select your connected or shared calendars to be reflected on the participation page. That way, you can make sure not to select options where you are already busy or booked. 


Check the meeting options 

Click on the time option that you'd like to book. You can only select one option. Click on an option again to deselect it. Once you have selected an option, click "book it" in the lower right corner. Make sure to check the little arrows in the top left corner of the calendar - there might be more options in another week. The number in black will tell you if there are more options in another week. 



The meeting is booked!

Once you have booked a meeting, you will be taken to the confirmation page to get an overview of your selection. From here, you can choose to add it to your Google or calendar, or you can download the ics file. If you have participated from your Doodle account, and you have a calendar connected in your account settings, the event will be automatically booked in your calendar, and you do not need to add it manually. Both you and the organizer will receive a calendar invitation and a confirmation email. 



Reschedule or cancel your booked 1:1 meeting

Currently, it is not possible to cancel a booked 1:1 meeting through Doodle. You can remove the event from your calendar and let the organizer know that you cancelled the meeting. You will not be able to select another slot in the same 1:1. Best practice is to contact the organizer and ask for another invitation. 






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