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AMP for Emails

Doodle is very excited to introduce AMP for Emails to our doodlers.

Emails were the only thing on the internet who did not evolve since the beginning of the Web.

It is now a thing of the past! AMP for Emails will allow dynamic and interactive emails to be sent from Doodle by you.

Basically your invitee receiving an 1:1 message will be able to interact with you directly while reading it! This means your invitee can directly book one of your suggested timeslots within the email.

 This is how the email will look like in the invitees inbox:




Even better, if one of your invitees books a time in her/his email, your availability in other 1:1 invites you sent will automatically update as well.


 This is how the email looks like when a timeslot is selected:



That's not it, any editing you do to the 1:1 on your Doodle account will be directly reflected in all the emails you already sent.


 This is how the email looks like once a timeslot is booked:



With AMP for Emails, we make scheduling even easier!


PS: If you have a Doodle 1:1 account and don't want to send dynamic AMP emails and instead just regular 1:1 invites, you can always opt-out from it. You can do this on the last page when creatinga 1:1 invite before sending it to your invitees by unchecking the box (see screenshot below):


View of Doodle 1:1 "Invite by email"-page




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