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How do I “Book on Behalf” with Bookable Calendar?

Bookable Calendar is a huge time and headache saver when scheduling meetings. It lets you set your own parameters and rules, and you can share a customizable link showing your availability. 

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But what if you had to set up meetings based on several people’s availability? Or you are booking for someone else, so your own availability should not be reflected? Or it is a meeting where several people should participate? Bookable Calendar is still the solution!

Instead of emailing each of your internal team members to confirm a single meeting time that works for everyone, now you can create a Bookable Calendar and sync up their calendars to show everyone’s availability in real-time. When the participants book a slot, all the relevant parties will be informed, and if chosen, have the appointment booked automatically in their calendars. Let’s take a look at how to set this up. 

Booking on behalf

When setting up your Bookable Calendar, the only action you need to take for Book on Behalf, is to check the tab “Check for conflict”. From here, you control all calendar related activity of the Bookable Calendar. 


All calendars that you flag here will be reflected in the availability of the Bookable Calendar. Additionally, any calendars with a connected email address will also be invited to the event with a calendar invitation (the booked events will be added to their calendars).

If you want a calendar to be reflected in the Bookable Calendar, but you do not want a calendar invitation to go to this email, you can select “delete email”. You can also add an email address to a calendar to which you would like to send a calendar invitation. 

Your own connected calendar will be shown on top. You can keep this marked if your availability should be taken into account for this Bookable Calendar and the event to be synced with your calendar. If not, simply remove the checkmark. Any booked appointments will still be synced to your calendar, but as free events (it will not be marked as busy).



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