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How to create a poll in Doodle Bot

Let's assume your team, the Marketing team, is trying to schedule an internal meeting in Slack and also invite someone outside your company. Your PR agency in London for example. This team doesn’t have Slack, but that’s no trouble at all because you can invite them via email and right from Slack. You can create a poll right in the Marketing slack channel with all the possible dates. 

Let's see how!




1. Type /doodle into the message box anywhere in Slack, then click Enter to submit the command.
If you type in the slash command anywhere other than the private channel of the Doodle Bot, the poll creation and editing messages will be only visible to you.

like so: 

--> DM with the Doodle Bot poll creation:

--> Public channel poll creation:

2. Add a title, location and notes to your poll invite by clicking the Edit Details button. 

The pop-up dialogue that will show up on your screen will allow you to customize the Doodle poll to the event you are organizing. Of course, every event needs a title, but all the rest of the info is optional.

Feel free to type in your preferred timezone for the meeting in the drop-down menu text box like here: 

3. Add a few time options to your time poll by clicking on the `Pick a date` button and pick a date with the Datepicker:

After you have picked the first potential date to have your event, pick a time for it or leave the time menu empty if you would like that event to be of an all day duration. 

You can also type in the start time for your event by clicking in the time drop-down menu and writing your preferred hour like so: 

4. Once you have added your first date option to the poll, the "Invite participants" section will reveal itself.

Click the drop-down menu to choose from you Slack contacts and channels to invite them. Once you see the the channel you want to invite, move the cursor on their name and click. 
To make sure they have been selected correctly look at the context line and see the name appears. (i.e Sending to:)

You can also type in right in there, any name or email address you would like to invite to quickly access it, like so: 

5. Click on the "Send Invitations" button in order to finish the creation process and share your poll with the participants. And wait for the results to come in!


Happy meetings!






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