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Doodle Bot on Slack - How do I create a poll?

Let's assume your team, the Marketing team, is trying to schedule an internal meeting in Slack and also invite someone outside your company. Your PR agency in London for example. This team doesn’t have Slack, but that’s no trouble at all because you can invite them via email and right from Slack. You can create a poll right in the Marketing slack channel with all the possible dates. 

Let's see how: 

Type /doodle into the message box anywhere in Slack, then click Enter to submit the command. You will then see 4 steps for the poll creation. 

(Alternatively, you can click on Slack's shortcut menu (the lightning icon) and select "create a poll" under the Doodle Bot)




1. Edit Details 

Click on the first step "Edit Details". A pop-up dialogue will show up on your screen that will allow you to customize the Doodle poll to the event you are organizing. Of course, every event needs a title, but the rest is optional.


2. Add your participants 

You can invite an entire Slack channel, and/or individual emails. After you add one channel/email, click on the drop down again to add the next channel/person. If you clicked on a channel/email by mistake, click on the drop down again, and untick them. 


3. Add some time options: 

Click here to select a date and time. Each time/date must be added separately. You can also type your own start time if you wish for the options to start on another time than the ones indicated in the drop down. Click "Add +". Select new dates/times in the same fields and click "Add+" until you have all desired options added. The times will show to each participant according to their time zone settings in Slack. 

You can also create all-day options, by selecting the date, and clicking "all day" when you want to indicate the time. 


At the moment it is not possible to edit the time duration (it defaults to 1 hour) If you know you want to create time slots of, for example, 30 minutes, you have to indicate this in your Slack command, like this: /doodle meeting for 30 minutes *click enter* 


4. Share your poll: 

Click on "send invitations" to send the poll to the channel/emails you selected in step 2, or click "get link" if you wish to share the link somewhere else. If you share with the link, make sure only to share the shareable link, and not your admin link. 


Alternative creation option

You can also click on the Doodle Bot app, from your Slack menu, and click directly on "Create a poll" under the Quick Actions. 


Once your participants have voted, select the final option! Read here how to select the final option. 

For some more tips, make sure to also have a look here: Super power tips for Doodle Bot



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