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Doodle Bot on Slack - How do I choose a final option?

 If all your invitees have already voted (or most of them), it is time to close and finalize your poll.

Let's see how:

1. Find the poll 
Once you have launched Doodle Bot, access your list of polls by typing /doodle list this will allow you to manage all your polls via a search bar pop up. Select the poll you want to close, and click on "See Votes"


2. Select the most popular option 
Click on "Select the final date" and choose it from the drop down list. 



3. Share the results with your channel and the invitees 
Click on "Share results" to let your team now that a final option have been selected. The result will then be posted in the corresponding channels and to any emails invited. 




 And the meeting is set!  


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