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Doodle Bot on Slack - How to use "Book It"

With the Doodle Bot on Slack you can book a meeting with your colleagues in a matter of minutes. You select the people you want to meet with, Doodle will suggest times based on the calendar availability of all invited parties, and you instantly select a time that will be booked in everyone's calendar. 

Let's have a closer look at how this is done! 

1) Make sure you have added the Doodle Bot to your Slack workspace. If you haven't already, you can do that here: 


2) Whilst you are in your Doodle account settings, make sure to connect your calendar as well (Google or Outlook). You can do that here can also get more help on how to connect your calendar here.


3) Open Slack and go to any channel or Direct Message (nothing will be posted in the channel/ message). Type /doodle-meet to see the command bar appear. In this bar you can see exactly how to structure your command: /doodle-meet - @withwhom/#channel - about what - where when  


Example (hit enter when you have added all the information): 


Alternatively, you can click on Slack's shortcut menu (the lightning icon) and click "Book a meeting" under the Doodle Bot. 


4) Check and customize the meeting details. You can check directly under each time how many of the participants are free on the suggested slots. If needed, add more details to the meeting, change the duration, customise the range of dates, see more suggested times, or add more people to join the meeting - all this information helps Doodle select the best time slots for all. 

*HINT: Did you want to create a poll for people to vote on the best option instead? Click on "convert to poll" and read more here on how to create polls from Slack with the Doodle Bot


5) Select your favorite time slot! Simply click on "Book It" to send out a calendar invitation to the invited guests and yourself! Your meeting is set ๐ŸŽ‰


You can also check out this short tutorial video below: 

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