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Discover your personal Doodle account

Welcome to Doodle! 

If you have landed on this page, you probably just created your new Doodle account. (If not, go ahead and do so here:

Having a free Doodle account means that,

  • you will have all your polls / meeting requests in one place on your Doodle dashboard
  • you can see your calendar events when creating and participating in polls - don't double book yourself! 
  • the final date of your polls and meetings requested with you will sync directly to your calendar
  • you can invite your participants via email 
  • you can connect your address book and make the invitation process even easier 

Spice things up with a Premium subscription.  See our plans and their benefits below and read more about Premium here.

Start your free 14-days trial today!


Your Personal Doodle Dashboard

Once you log into your Doodle account your can see your personal Dashboard. Here you will see all the polls you have created and participated in whilst being logged into your Doodle account. On the left side you can see your sent/received/confirmed/archived meetings. A bit further down you can access your Bookable Calendar links and check which calendars and address books you have connected to your account. On the top right corner, you click to create your Group polls, Bookable Calendars,1:1's and surveys. 



Your account settings:

Before you start scheduling, make sure you have your account settings set up just right. Under your account settings select your country, language and default time zone. Any changes you wish to make to your name, email, password or profile picture can also be done here. On the left side you will see your account menu. Take a few moments to explore them to make sure your notifications settings, calendars, and contacts are set up as you desire. If you have a Premium subscription, this is also the place to see and administer your subscription. 



For a detailed walk-through of your account settings, see the short video below:

Doodle in 6 steps 

  1. Set up your personal account
  2. Become a Premium member
  3. Create a poll or set up a 1:1 meeting
  4. Set up your Bookable Calendar
  5. Download the app for your smartphone/tablet
  6. ENJOY pain-free scheduling 

If you have further questions, you may find the answers you are looking for in our help portal. You can also write to our specialists anytime.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Doodle!

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