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Doodle Account Introduction from Doodle on Loom.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending an endless amount of time on something that could, and should, be so easy. We all know the dreary drill of trying to arrange a meeting between several people which leads to endless email ping-pong as you try to find the best time for everyone. Fear not! With Doodle, you can schedule meetings quickly and without all the headaches. 

Read on to discover the benefits of having a free Doodle account.

Calendar and address book integration

Not only does a Doodle account provide the functionality to synchronize your contacts with Doodle but also your whole calendar. 
With a connected calendar, you will be able to see if your schedule conflicts with any of the meeting options you would like to propose.
Connect your calendar here
When you connect your address book your contacts' email addresses will autofill as you type. When you invite participants to your poll, you need only start typing the beginning of the email and Doodle will fill out the rest – this move is a real time-saver.

Connect your address book here!  



With a Doodle account, all your meeting invitations and participations are kept tidy in your handy dashboard. The dashboard provides easy access to all your polls and participations in a single place (as shown in the video at the beginning of this article). You can even see all the latest activity and manage your meetings from here.

Invite using Doodle

With a Doodle account you can send out invitations to your participants directly from Doodle. Not only will this dramatically reduce your effort of inviting participants but it will also allow you to keep track of whom you invited. Premium Doodle users can even keep track of who is still missing, who's opened your invite, and send reminders to those who haven't participated.

Stay up to date

With your Doodle account you can subscribe to notifications not only for meeting invitations you create but also for those you participate in so you will always receive the latest updates in your inbox. Pretty cool!



A Doodle account makes your participations more secure on Doodle polls. Anonymous participations can be edited or deleted by anybody who has access to the poll. Doodle account users’ participations are secured by their password. You can only edit a Doodle account user’s participation if you are signed in as that specific user. Please note that you have to sign in with your Doodle account before you participate in order to take advantage of this feature.
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