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Re-connect your calendars and address books

Doodle currently offers four ways of connecting your calendars:

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook 365
  • ICS feeds


1. Make a backup of your settings

If you are a MeetMe user you want to make a backup of your settings. Since Doodle does not offer this out of the box you will need to take screenshots of your settings or write them down somewhere.

For MeetMe just write down the list of calendars that you marked under "Your availability" on the MeeMe settings page.


2. Disconnect your current calendars and address books

To reconnect your calendars you need to disconnect all connected systems first. To do so, open, log in and go to "Manage Doodle account". On the management page select the "Your calendars" section.
To disconnect each calendar just click disconnect next to the calendar entry and confirm that you want to delete your calendar as shown in the screenshots below. You need to do so for all of your calendars.
You also need to do the same for all address books. The address books are here. Screenshots are further down.

Disconnect all calendars

Delete connected address books

You should also reset your Doodle ICS feed by scrolling to the bottom of the page, clicking "Reset" and confirming this action.
Doodle ICS feed


3. Reconnecting your calendars

To reconnect your calendars just follow the instructions on this page for each of your calendar systems.

After you re-connected your calendars please make sure your MeetMe page settings are up to date. 

  • Check your MeetMe settings, select all calendars you want to use for your page according to the list you wrote down earlier and click "Save"


4. Reconnecting your address books

To reconnect your address books go to Address books. Click on the desired icon in order to connect anew.

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