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Track who is missing - list of invitees

With this handy Premium feature, you will see all your invited participants directly in the poll even before they vote. Their pending email invitations will be listed in the poll, and disappear as soon as they vote. Only the admin can see this list of invitations - the participants will not see this. 


Invite users to participate

Only the participants you have invited via email from Doodle will be shown in the poll as pending invitations.
Invite via email
Invite via email

If you choose to invite via email and you created the poll with an active premium subscription, you will be able to see the list of invitees as described above AND the status of your email invitation of shown below. 

See the status of your invitation 

After inviting invitees via email, all the users with the envelope are invitees that have not participated yet. If the envelope is closed, it means they have not yet seen the invitation. If the envelope is open, it means they have seen e.g clicked on the link in the email invitation. 
As soon as a user participates the line with the envelope will disappear and you will see the vote. In the image below all invitees have now participated.

This is a great feature for you to keep track of who you invited, and the status of your invitations.        

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