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Track who is missing

Invite users to participate

After you have created a poll you can invite users to participate in your poll by either share the public link to the poll or by inviting the via email.
Share public link
Invite via email
Invite via email

If you choose to invite via email and you created the poll with an active premium subscription, you will be able to see the status of the invitees as described below. Note, that you can not track the status of participants which used the public link.

See the status of the invitees

After inviting invitees via email and reloading the page (the page will not automatically update) you will see all the invitees on the bottom of the table with the votes. All the users with the envelope (and typically with an email address instead of a name) are invitees that have not participated yet.
As soon as a user participates the line with the envelope will disappear and you will see the vote. In the image below all invitees have now participated.
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