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Which Premium subscription is the right one for my company?

Doodle offers the following selection of Premium subscriptions:

  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Team
  • Enterprise


The Starter plan includes several features to schedule meetings faster and more effectively (calendar sync, deadlines, reminders, zapier integrations and more)

The Pro plan offers a higher degree of customization, priority support, company branding, as well as access to our newest scheduling tool for organizing one-on-one meetings in minutes.

The Team plan is designed for small teams to manage multiple users per subscription (5-20). Next to all the features included in the Pro plan, this plan also gives access to the Doodle Bot for easy scheduling on Slack workspaces.

The Enterprise plan is meant for large teams and whole corporations to maximize their use of Doodle within a custom environment with increased levels of support, security and billing. If you are interested in an Enterprise plan, feel free to contact our sales team here to learn more. We would be glad to answer any questions you have, and help you set up a plan specifically for your team.

You can check and compare the features available for each plan here

You are a Team of 10 people. You would like to purchase a subscription in which all your 10 team members will have the benefits of Premium while still having their own Doodle account - Premium Team for 10 users would be the optimal Premium plan for you!

With a Team subscription, the admin of the Premium account can add other Doodle users to the Premium subscription. The admin can add and remove users as often as they wish. Each user who is added to the Premium account can create unlimited amounts of polls, and has full access to all the benefits of the Premium subscription - neat!

The person who purchases the Premium subscription is the admin. The admin has the access to the personalization of the shared subdomain and branding of the company Doodle page.

You can always upgrade your current subscription to a plan with more users. Your remaining subscription will be deducted from the price of your new plan - you will never be charged more than you should when you upgrade.

Interest awoken? Contact our specialists and sales team here:

You can try all Premium Doodle features for 14 days for free!  Click here to try Premium  for free and see which one fits your needs. Enjoy powerful scheduling!

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