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What is Doodle Premium?

Doodle offers a great set of features for scheduling events and deciding on one option in a group.
To get things done even faster and without the distraction of ads, get Premium Doodle.
It’s perfect for businesses, clubs, teams or everyone who wants to increase their productivity.

Round off your experience

Premium extends the functionality of Doodle with the following additional features:

With Premium Doodle you can,

  • automatically synchronize meetings in your calendar and send calendar invites to the participants in one go
  • track who is missing (who has not voted in your poll yet) 
  • keep track of who has read your invitations, and send them a quick reminder to vote 
  • request contact information from participants such as email addresses, mailing addresses, or phone numbers 
  • customized branding of your invitation and poll URL - replace the Doodle logo and URL with that of your company
  • schedule 1:1 meetings with automatic calendar invitations
  • enjoy a clean, ads-free experience for you and your participants. No ads. Just Doodle.

We grant our users the possibility to try all those great features for free for 14 days. Give it a try by clicking here: Try Premium for free

Calendar invites

After choosing a final date for your meeting, you can instantly add the event to your calendar so you or your participants will never miss the date. This is a real-time and error saviour because you can sync your events automatically. Your participants will receive a calendar invite in their inbox, so they can add the event to their calendar with just one click.

Track who is missing

With Premium Doodle, you can easily track who is missing from voting to your poll. Imagine you've invited 100 guests for a conference or a wedding. If you've sent your invitations with Premium Doodle you can quickly see who has read your invitation and hasn't responded yet to your poll. The email addresses of those invitees will be listed on the bottom of the table as placeholders. Once these people participate in the poll their placeholder will disappear.

Send reminders

If some people invited to your poll haven't responded yet, you can send them a polite reminder to do so. When you click the 'send reminders' button at the top of the page you'll see the email addresses of the non-responders listed and a default reminder message. You can change the message and include a personal note if you like.

Request contact information

It's also possible with Doodle Premium to ask for more information from your participants.
When you enable this feature on a poll, it makes it required for your participants to give you their email, phone number, or address in order to participate in a poll. This way you can always get back in touch with your poll participants if need be.

Customized branding

On top of all the other Premium features, Premium Business subscription also includes options for customized branding. You can make all of your polls look more professional by adding a company logo and a sleek background.
Premium Business users can also add a customized URL to their polls.


1:1 Meetings 

Create an easy 1:1 invite, by selecting a variety of times for your participants to vote for. Once an option is selected, the event will be automatically booked in both your calendars, and an additional calendar invitation will be sent to your participant per email. And just like that, your meeting is scheduled. Read more about 1:1s here

No ads, just Doodle 

Enjoy a pure Doodle experience, full screen and without the distraction of Ads.

Check out here what plan suits best your needs. You can enjoy a trial of Premium Doodle for free for 14 days (no credit-card required).

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