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It looks like anyone with the poll link can edit the poll. How do I prevent this?

Doodle remembers its you so you can edit the poll

You can create a Doodle poll without creating an account. In order to allow you to edit the poll you created easily, Doodle works some magic so that when you go back to that poll in the same browser, we recognise you as the poll creator and allow you to edit it.

What happens if I share this link?

If you share this link with others, they will only be able to participate in the poll. The features to edit or close the poll are not available.

But if I go back to this link, I can still edit. Does that mean others can too?

Only the user who created the poll will be able to edit the poll.  Other users will not see the edit options. By the way, if you open the participation link in a different browser (without the cookie, without logging in to your Doodle account) you will see the poll the same as your invitees.


Make sure that you do not share the admin link! See here how to invite your participants correctly. 

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