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How to create a poll (group meeting)?

Open Doodle's homepage (preferably, log into your Doodle account), click on "create" and then "group meeting"- it’s as simple as that.

Step 1)  What’s the occasion?

Give your meeting a title. Add a location if you already know where this happens and write some notes you would like to share with the poll invitees. No location or notes yet? Just skip this fields and add it later if you like.


Step 2) What are the options?

When you select your options, you can do so either from week view or month view. The week view, which shows your calendar availability is the default view that will appear at first, however you can easily switch to the Month view by clicking on 'month' just above the table. If you need to add unique times, for example, 5 minute time slots, you do this in Month view. Simply select the date, and click "add times" - enter any start and end time you would like. 


 Would you like to add many options with different times for each day? Add them here or even easier – switch to the Week view and add your date and time options directly in a detailed calendar. This is also where you will see your appointments from your connected calendar to make sure you do not suggest times where you are already planned. 


Is the poll not only about dates and times? You can also add text to your date options. Simply write the text in the time field as shown below. You can write anything you would like. Please note that this is only possible if you do not want the time options to sync to your calendar. This options is for polls that contain only dates e.g no specific times 


Step 3) Poll Settings

To fit each and every special need, we added nice options you can choose from. Use the poll settings to add special settings to your poll. See a detailed description of each option below: 
Yes, no, if need be

Participants can indicate when an option is not ideal for them. When this options ticked, they can click once on an option for "yes", or they can click again for "if need be". Participants will have the option to say that the given date works not well, but he/she can maybe make it, if it’s important. Read more about If need be polls here

Limit the number of votes per option

First come, first serve. Once the limited number of spots per option are taken, the option is no longer available. Imagine you organize a workshop which is limited to 5 people. When you add “Limit per options” to 5, an option is no longer available, once five participants have chosen that particular option. The limitation you choose will be true for all options in the poll - the limits cannot differ from option to option. 

Limit participants to a single vote

Participants can only select one option, multiple selection is not possible. Everyone has to decide for exactly one option or leave everything empty. The poll has radio buttons instead of checkboxes.

Hidden poll

Participants’ names and votes are confidential. Only the poll organizer can see your results of the poll. Instead of commenting on a poll, participants can send a message to you, the poll organizer. It is important that you always view the poll in admin view to see the results / votes of the poll.
Read more about viewing hidden polls here.

Set a Deadline *PREMIUM*

Premium users have access to even more great features. Set a deadline allows you to limit your users votes to a specific cut off time you can set in advance. They will be warned at the top of the table that the poll has a deadline. However, the poll will not close automatically. The poll still has to be closed manually by the admin.

Automatic reminder *PREMIUM* 

Do you want to give your more hesitant or forgetful participant a kind reminder to participate in your poll? Enable automatic reminders. Depending on the dates in your polls, the reminders will be send to your participants a certain amount of time before the deadline. 
Read more about automatic reminders here. 

Ask for Contact Information *PREMIUM*

Premium Doodle allows you to ask for more information from you participants than just their name and their availability. You can ask for their email address, their phone number and/or their address. It's really helpful if you want to get back in touch with people after your meeting! You can access the information when you click on "more" and then export the poll to an Excel sheet. The contact information will be listed in the sheet. 
Read more about asking for contact information here.


Examples for combinations of settings

You can for example combine the settings Limit the number of votes per option and Limit participants to a single vote and Hidden poll.

Let’s say you are organizing job interviews and every applicant should decide to pick one option. In this case we would recommend that you use this combination. Every applicant can only say yes to one interview date, at the same time that particular date will no longer be available for the remaining applicants. The participating applicants won’t see votes, names or other information of each other.

Step 4) Tell your participants who you are

If you are logged into your Doodle account step 4 is skipped as your name and email are already connected to your account. If you are not creating the poll from your account, enter your name and email here, to let your participants know who you are. Please note, that if you create the poll without an account, you cannot invite your participants via email, nor edit the poll. 


Tap Finish and your poll is ready to vote on. High five!

That’s what you get

A clear and comprehensive overview of the options you have created. Once your participants have voted, you will easily see which option is the best. Book it! 


And you’ve got a mail

You will also receive an email from us after creating the poll. When you click Manage your poll in the link, it opens your poll in the admin mode – in which you can edit, close or even delete the poll. So please be careful with this email and don’t send it to others.

Next step: Invite participants

It’s time to spread the word. Invite everyone you want to take part in your poll.

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