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How do I invite participants to my poll?

The first thing to do after you create your poll is to invite your participants. Your participants do not need a Doodle account to vote in your poll. There are two ways to invite your participants.

1) Invite participants via email

You have the option to invite your participants directly via email (You will need a Doodle account in order to send email invites). Either manually type in the email addresses or copy and paste a list of email addresses. If you share the poll with several people, make sure to separate the email addresses with a comma or a new line.

In case you have your address book connected you can directly access your addresses. 

*It is not possible to send an invitation to a group email or a redirect email address. 
Please also be aware of the email invitation limit


Click on "edit message" to send a personalized message with your poll invitation. 


Click "send" to invite your participants. 

2) Invite participants via link

You can also invite people by sharing the general participation link. Copy and paste the link and share it in any way you would like (send it in an email, phone, Whatsapp, facebook etc). Anyone with this link can access the poll, so be careful where you share it. 


Invitation via Doodle

Would you like to know what the email invitation that Doodle will send to your participants looks like? It contains the title of the poll, your name, your email address as the sender and the request to participate in the poll. You can see an example below 👇


Next steps

Now you can participate in your poll if you wish. And when all of your participants' answers are there, you can choose the final option and close your poll.

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