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How do I participate in a Group Poll?

You have been invited to participate in a Doodle poll? Sweet! Let's have a look at how you participate successfully. 

When you open the poll you will see all the important information of the poll: 


You can view and participate in the poll in 3 ways: table viewcalendar view and list view (mobile version only) 

Table view

In this view, you can see all entries of the participants and all options of the poll simultaneously in a matrix. Fill in your name – if you are logged into your account this will auto-fill for you –, and select the options that fit your schedule. Your votes will be saved with "Send". If you are not available on any of the dates, simply do not select any options, and save with "Send - cannot attend". Need to change your vote? Simply hover the mouse over your name and click on the edit icon. Save the changes with "Update". 




Calendar View

In calendar view you will not see other people's participation, but all your existing events from your calendar will be shown to you. This way, you keep the overview and there will be no clashes of appointments. You save yourself a lot of time and nerves by not having to shift between Doodle and your personal calendar. 


If you have more than one calendar connected, or you have several calendars within your connected calendar, click on "calendars" in the lower left corner, and select which availabilities you want to see reflected in the calendar view. 


List View

Are you using Doodle with your mobile phone? Then you will see, by default, the List view, where all poll options are displayed below one another. You can go through all suggested options and vote for them. Tap on an option to select it or leave it open if the option does not work for you. Select all options that work for you and tap "Send" to save your votes. For an even better experience with your mobile phone, download our free Doodle app for IOS and Android. 


Stay tuned with notifications

After participating, you can select the subscribe to updates on the poll (when someone else votes, when the poll is closed etc). You can always change your mind and unsubscribe later, as described here: Unsubscribe from poll updates. 



Next, all other people invited to participate will also take part in the poll. Once the poll creator has collected all participants, they will select the final option(s) and close the poll. They will be happy to inform you about the results of the poll!

Do you want to create your own poll? We'll show you how it works!

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