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How do I participate in a poll?

So you've received an invitation and you like to participate in the Doodle poll? Easily open the poll with the link you got from the organiser of the poll.

When you're on the poll, you see all the important information like:

– What's the occasion?
– Who created this poll?
– What is the location of the event (optional)
– Some notes from the organiser (optional)
– All poll options that are available (possibly with dates and times or free text)
– Names and votes of other participants (if someone already participated and if poll is public)

There are different views, you can see the poll. The Table view shows all poll options listed left to right. If you're on a desktop computer, you can change to the Calendar view, where the events are directly visible in the weeks. In the List view, which is available on mobile phones, you see all poll options underneath. This view helps you to focus on each and every option on small screens.

Table view

Have you opened the poll with your computer or tablet, you will probably see the Table View first. In this view, you can see all entries of the participants and all options of the poll simultaneously in a matrix. Here you can get a good overview, which options already have the most votes and who has already taken part in the poll. You can participate here or if you already did that, you can edit your participation or even delete it if necessary. Fill in your name – if you've logged into your account this will auto-fill for you –, and select the options that fit your schedule. Your votes will be saved with Done.

Automatically filled out participation

Do you registered in Doodle and connected your calendar? This makes participation even faster. Doodle will automatically preselect the options, and after you have checked the selection, you can just save your participation and the whole thing is done. Doodle is, even more, fun!

Participate for others

Do you want to participate in a poll for a family member or someone else? Here on the Table view you can easily add new participants to the poll, and change or delete existing participant rows if necessary. Please be very careful when doing such actions, so that you don't accidentally edit or delete the wrong entry, because unfortunately such an entry can't be restored. Therefore, always make sure that everything is correct before you take any action, and only confirm when everything is correct. The other participants and the poll creator will be very grateful.

Participate in a poll in the table view on the Doodle web version.

Calendar View

Do you receive an invitation to a Time poll? Then there is the option Calendar view on the poll. We highly recommend this view, when you have connected your calendar to Doodle. Here you won't see other people's participation, but all your existing events from your calendar in context with the suggested time options. This way you keep the overview and there will be no clashes of appointments. You save yourself switching between Doodle and your calendar and a lot of time and nerves.

Review the proposed options

If you arrive on the Calendar view, the week, where the first option of the poll is in, will be displayed. You may need to scroll up or down a bit to see the suggested date. If you have connected your calendar to Doodle, we will pre-select all the options, if there are no conflicts with existing calendar entries. This will save you time. Nevertheless, we recommend going through all the options and our pre-selection, and double-check if they're selected right.

If more poll options are available in another week, this will be indicated by a green icon on the right side of the window. A click on it will take you to the corresponding week with the next option. Please be sure that you went through all the options in the poll before you confirm your entry with Send at the bottom of the page.

List View

Are you using Doodle with your mobile phone? Then you'll see, by default, the List view, where all poll options are displayed one below another. So, you can go through all suggested options and vote for them. Tap on an option to select it or leave it open, when the option doesn't work for you. Select all options that work for you and tap Done to save your votes.

No more back and forth!

Connect your calendar and know what's already on your plate. This makes it so much easier and faster to participate in a date poll. You see each option in relation to the rest of your calendar events. You don't have to switch to your calendar again to participate in the poll. Just do everything in the Doodle app. This helps you avoid scheduling conflicts. Quickly decide on every option to see if there are conflicting events and tap again to select the option on the list view.

This is how you can easily decide whether an option suits you or not, without leaving the app. Select all options that work for you and leave all other options blank. Did you go through all the options? Then confirm your input with Done at the bottom of the screen.

Stay tuned with notifications

As a poll organizer, each time someone participated in your poll, you will be notified by email. With the Doodle app installed, you can switch to push notifications or you can choose both, emails and push notifications, if you use Doodle in the browser and the app. Download the Doodle app to activate push notifications.

You’re not the poll organizer, but you’re logged into Doodle and you just participated in a poll? You can decide if you would like to get notified about all changes made in a poll and subscribe to updates or go back to poll without emails or push notifications.

Thanks for participating!

The poll creator will be particularly pleased now because you're one step further in finding the best date for all participants in this poll. Great job!

Next, all other people invited to participate will also take part in the poll. Once the poll creator has collected all participants, he/she will select the final option(s) and close the poll. She/he will be happy to inform you about the results of the poll!

Do you want to create your own poll? We'll show you how it works!

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