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Why can't I see the votes in a hidden poll?

If you see something like this below, you are currently viewing a hidden poll.

Votes and results of a hidden poll can only be seen by the admin of the poll. 


Here are some useful facts to consider regarding hidden polls:

  • The admin will always be able to see the votes and comments of all the participants and the results of the hidden poll. This can happen either through opening the poll from the dashboard or by clicking on the admin link in the email you got from us shortly after you created the poll.

  • Participants who voted in a hidden poll while being logged into their Doodle account can see their own votes when they open the hidden poll.

  • Participants who voted in a hidden poll without a Doodle account cannot see their votes again at a later time. If you voted this way, and you are unsure of the choice you made, contact the admin.

  • If you are unable to click on certain options (they are greyed out) the admin limited each option to a certain amount of votes. Contact the admin for any issues related to this. 
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