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How to invite participants to my poll in the app?

To invite participants to your poll just tap the share icon (add participants) at the top right corner of your already created poll. The menu will then give you the option to add invitees via email, WhatsApp or Messenger. Or you can just copy the poll link, and share it on any channel you prefer.

Invite via Doodle

The easiest way is to connect your phone address book, and invite all participants via Doodle email. This way is very fast and helpful, since you see later who was already invited to this poll. Additionally, if you use Premium, you see on the poll table who didn't participate yet in the poll, and you can remind them easily to do so. You get detailed information about who already opened the invitation, or if the email wasn't delivered (e.g. because the email address was outdated). When you tap on the invitees or participants, you get additional details, and you can send them a personal message to organize everything you need.

As Premium user, you can add an individual message to invite participants via Doodle. This is a great way to make the invitation more personal.


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