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Connect via ICS feed

The following article serves as an example of how to connect your calendar to Doodle via ICS feeds. A similar method applies for many other online calendars. If your calendar allows publication, the steps below should apply as well.  In case you have doubts about the process from the side of your calendar, please contact your calendar provider. 

Unfortunately 1:1 and Bookable Calendar will not sync with nor show availability for calendars connected via ICS. 

Doodle to - See your Doodle appointments as events in your calendar 

1) With your browser, go to your Doodle account settings and copy the link from the “Doodle calendar feed URL (ICS)" as seen below. 



2) In, click on "Import" at the top of the page. 


3) Choose "Subscribe" on the left side, and paste your Doodle ICS link into the field that says "Calendar URL". You will now see your Doodle appointments in your calendar

Outlookscreenshot2.png to Doodle - See your own calendar appointments when using Doodle 

1) For each calendar that you would like to view within Doodle, follow the instructions at for locating your sharable ICS link. Copy the ICS link. 


2) With your browser, go to your account settings and click on "ICS feed".


3) Now paste the link copied before into the “Add a calendar feed by URL” field and click "Add"


And you are done! Your scheduling experience just got a lot easier. Go ahead and start a poll


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