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Can't find "Copy to all"

"Copy to all" feature got a little facelift in the new interface. It is still possible but maybe not as obvious.

Same times for all the dates

1. Select multiple dates on the left

Step 2 What are the options: Select dates from the calendar.

2. Add multiple times on the right

Step 2 What are the options? Adding time for all the selected dates on the right side.

Added times work for all the previously selected dates (You can think of it as the “Copy and paste to all” in the old Doodle interface).

Adding different times for each date

1. Select “Need different times for each day?” link

Step 2 What are the options? Different times for each day appear on the left where you can do slight modifications to these times.

2. The initial time gets copied to all the dates. You can add or tweak the specific time for each date.

Tip: If you wish to get back to same time for each date, the shortest way is to deselect the days from the calendar on the left leaving only the date you want to copy to others.

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