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How long does Doodle keep a poll? Until when will my poll be available?

Doodle Professional Users:

Polls created by Doodle Professional users are not deleted while the subscription remains active. Should the subscription expire, the deletion policy mentioned below for free Doodle users applies to all polls associated with the account. 

Free Doodle Users:

Polls created by free Doodle users may be deleted, once we consider them outdated or inactive*. If you want to keep your polls longer, you have to open them from time to time to reset the timer.

Once they are deleted, we cannot recover them anymore.

  • Group meetings and 1:1s are considered inactive 30 days after the last date in the poll, or 30 days after the last access to the poll, whichever comes last.
    For example, if your poll's last date option is 1/12-2021, it will not be considered outdated until 31/12-2021. If you access your poll again after this date, the timer will be reset again for another 30 days.

    In our policy (Outdated and completed polls) you can always find more information.
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