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Time zones when creating and participating in polls - How does it work?

You have probably been in a situation where you had to arrange meetings with people in different time zones - how do you make sure everyone are looking at the same times according to their time zone? Don't worry! Doodle takes care of this. Doodle now automatically sets the correct time-zone for each of your participants.   

Time zones when creating the poll: 

The admin of the poll will select his/her time zone when creating the poll. The picture below shows you where you can see the pre-selected time zone of your poll. The time zone will be shown based on Doodle account settings or IP address. However, if you need to change it, simply click on the current time zone and backspace to delete it. Once that is done you should see a drop down menu with additional options, or you can type in your correct time zone to select it quicker. It has to show YOUR time zone. 

The time zone selected here is the 'Admin time zone.'

Week view: 


Month view: 


Time zones when participating in the poll:

When your participants open the poll link, they will see the time zone of the poll just underneath the title. Your time options will be displayed corresponding to where your participants are located (according to the IP address or Doodle account settings). If you are located in time zone A, and your participant is located in time zone B, you have to set up the poll in time zone A and the participants has to view the poll in time zone B. If the participant does not see time zone B (e.g their own time zone) they can easily change it. They simply click on the time zone, delete it, and select the correct one. 

The time zone selected here is the "Participant time zone" 


You can also select to remove the poll time zone when you set up the poll (click the time zone and then 'remove'), the poll is set up with certain times and shows this time for everyone. It does not matter where someone opens the poll. It will always show the same times.

Keep in mind that this setting can’t be turned on or off after you create the poll. You can change the time zone of an existing poll you have created only if no one has voted in your poll yet. As soon as someone votes, the time zone is locked. Make sure to check your time zone when creating the poll.


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