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Where do I see who I invited to the poll (list of invitees)?

If you invited your participants via Doodle (by adding email addresses) you can find the list of invitees when you export the poll as an Excel file.

Open the admin link and click on the top menu 'More' and then on 'Export to Excel'.


Open the Excel file and click the 'Invitees' tab (the file includes two spreadsheets: the poll and the list of invitees). You can copy and paste the email addresses from there.

Furthermore you can duplicate polls and reuse the same list of invitees if you like (More --> Duplicate poll).

If you have an active Premium subscription, you can also see the list of invitees in the poll table. The email addresses are listed below the participations, but only if the invitees did not yet participate - don't worry, you are the only one who will see these emails. Your participants do not. 


If by chance you do not see the list of invitees you can try reloading the page.

If you invited via the participation link (with your own e-mail application), Doodle cannot tell you who you invited to the poll. In this case you have to search for the e-mail. The easiest way to find your e-mail is to search for the poll link. The e-mail header (To / Cc / Bcc) of the e-mail reveals all used e-mail addresses of your invitees.
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