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What is the maximum number of email invitations I can send via Doodle?

With Doodle, you can send out email invitations to vote on a poll to your colleagues and friends. Unfortunately, in the past, some people were abusing this system to send out spam and therefore harming Doodle’s image and online reputation. In order to prevent further abuse, we set the following daily limits:

Free Doodle, with an account: 50 invitation emails per day – get your free Doodle account now.

To invite more than 50 people, you can create the poll and invite your first 50 participants, after 24 hours, you’ll be able to send another round of invitations.

With any paid Premium Doodle plan you can send up to 1000 invitation emails per day.

With a growing number of participants the poll page will load a bit slower. 100 - 500 participants and 5 options will work without any problems.
The number of participants per poll setting can be limited with a setting in the poll wizard (Wizard Step 2 "Settings"). This feature is mostly used for Resource-Planning (Exhibition staffing, work distribution, ...).

Please note that is not possible to send email invitations without an account.

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