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Why is my time zone not pre-selected when I create or participate in a poll with time-zone support?

Each time a poll with time zone support is opened, the time zone is set automatically according to ones IP-Address. Doodle compares your IP address with a time zone database and preselects the time zone pulldown. On one hand, it is possible that this database is not up to date (but we update it on a regular basis). On the other hand, it is possible that your IP address is assigned to you by your employer or an Internet service provider with several locations. One of several locations is assigned to you which could be different to your location and therefore will result in the wrong preselection. Using proxies could also be the reason why the time zone is preselected wrongly.

The easiest to resolve this issue is using a free Doodle account. If you have set the time zone in your Doodle account (Profile settings), it will override the one resolved from your IP-Address. Always log in to your account before creating a poll or participating in one and the time zone pulldown should always be set correctly.

Additionaly one can always adjust the pulldown manually. Users without Doodle account simply adjust the pulldown manually before creating a poll or participating in one. When using a Doodle account, be aware that adjusting the pulldown to a different time zone than set in your account setting will override your account setting. It won't reset to your account setting automatically. You have to change the pulldown again manually.

So each one sees it according to their IP-Address or Doodle account setting, but can change it manually if it doesn't fit ones time zone.

When creating a poll with time zone support, advise your participants to check the time zone pulldown before participating. It has to show THEIR time zone.
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