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What can Doodle be used for?

Doodle is used by more than 25 million happy users a month. Do you wonder what kind of polls they create with Doodle? There are so many opportunities and topics to decide on.

Get together with Doodle

The most common use case is finding a suitable time for a group of people. So, what kind of event could that be? Here’s a short list as an inspiration for you, but be sure: possibilities are unlimited.

– All kind of business meetings
– Special events for customers
– Kick-off meeting
– Happy undertake with friends
– Team off-site day
– What’s your next event?

You got a date, but what’s about the place?

Happy you scheduled an event?
That’s the first thing and everybody already saved the date. Yeah! But …

– Where will it take place?
– Which time do we want to leave?
– What is the bad weather plan?

So, Doodle is the perfect decision making tool for every questions that might come up.

And there’s way more

Doodle is also a great tool for even more functions.

– Reservation tool for locations, or meeting rooms
– Attendance list for any event
– Seat-limited courses
– Hidden polls

A Doodle poll includes many varieties with the right combination of options, settings and participants. Have you already created a limited, hidden or a “Yes, No, If need be” poll?

Read more about how to use special settings, then let’s create a poll and check the additional features Premium Doodle offers you.

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