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What's Doodle Premium?

Doodle offers a great set of features for scheduling events and deciding on one option in a group. To get things done even faster and without the distraction of ads, get Premium Doodle. It’s perfect for busines...


Which Premium product is the right one for my company?

Premium Private is meant for one user. Premium Business (including branding and subdomain personalization) is for teams with up to 1000 users. For more than 1000 users we offer Premium Enterprise. You can find...


How to set up custom branding?

Using Premium Doodle Business/Enterprise you can brand your Doodle page (MeetMe* and polls) with your own logo, a background image or background color. Example here. If you are using Premium Private you would ...


How to renew my Premium subscription?

Renewing your subscription is like getting a new one. Log in to your Doodle account and open the the Premium Doodle landing page. Choose the currency on the left and the desired subscription. Click the green ...


Track who is missing

Invite users to participate After you have created a poll you can invite users to participate in your poll by either share the public link to the poll or by inviting the via email. Share public link ...


Request additional information

Premium Doodle allows you to ask for more information from you participants than just their name and their availability. You can ask for their email address, their phone number and/or their address. Usi...


Obtaining a Signed W9 or W8 Form From Doodle

Unfortunately since Doodle AG is based in Switzerland we cannot supply you with a W-9 form. The correct form however is the W-8BEN that can be downloaded here as a signed PDF.