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Doodle offers a free account for regular Doodle users. A Doodle account can help you to be
Here are a few details on the advantages.


A Doodle account makes your participations more secure on Doodle polls. Anonymous participations can be edited or deleted by anybody who has access to the poll. Doodle account users’ participations are secured by their password. You can only edit a Doodle account user’s participation if you are signed in as that specific user. Please note that you have to sign in with your Doodle account before you participate in order to take advantage of this feature.
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A Doodle account comes with various tools that make scheduling meetings more efficient.
If you are a regular Doodle user you probably have a few admin links in your email inbox. And if you delete one of these mails by accident you have to go and recover your Admin link
The dashboard takes away this disadvantage by providing access to all your polls and participations in a single place. You can even see the latest activities and administer your polls from the dashboard.

Invite using Doodle
As a verified Doodle account user you can use Doodle to send out invitations to your participants. Not only will this dramatically reduce your effort of inviting participants but it will also allow you to keep track of whom you invited. Premium Doodle users can even keep track of who is still missing and benefit from automatic reminders sent to participants who have not yet entered their availability.
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When inviting with Doodle you can also benefit from another Doodle feature. Using "who is missing" will generate private links for each participant that adds extra security for your participants. Instead of a general link each invited participant is issued a unique private link preventing other poll participants from editing or deleting another invitee's participation.
You don’t even have to worry about typing in all the addresses that you got in your address book manually. You can just automatically synchronize your contacts from Gmail or your Mac OS X contacts.
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Stay up to date
With your Doodle account you can subscribe to notifications not only for the polls you create but also for the polls you participate in or comment on so you will always receive the latest updates in your inbox.
Calendar integration
Not only does a Doodle account provide the functionality to synchronize your contacts with Doodle but also your whole calendar. That way, you can see all events from your calendars on Doodle when scheduling meetings or participating in a poll. You can also synchronize Doodle events back into your calendars to coordinate your schedules.
Like with contacts, calendar synchronization works with Google Calendar, Outlook on Windows and iCal on the Mac. In addition you can also import ICS feeds from various other calendar systems. Learn more


MeetMe is your personal space on Doodle. It’s a customizable page under an address you can choose (e.g.  that shows when you’re busy or available. Let your business partners and friends request a personal meeting with you but without having to worry about the back and forth of email scheduling.

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