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Quick tips to become an expert with Doodle 1:1
Quick tips to become an expert with Doodle 1:1

Learn tips and tricks for making your next one-on-one meeting a success!

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Doodle’s 1:1 is the quickest way to book your next one-on-one meeting on your terms. But if you dig deeper, you can find a wealth of features that will make your next one-on-one meeting better than ever.

Create custom time durations

The default duration for 1:1 events is 60 minutes. You can select from an array of other pre-defined values, or you can select a custom event duration. With custom event duration, you can be sure that the times you propose are exactly what you want them to be.

To offer a custom duration:

  1. Click ‘Custom’

  2. Select the unit of time (minutes/hours)

  3. Indicate the meeting duration in the adjacent text field

Leverage your calendar subscriptions

When you connect your calendar to your Doodle account, you get time-saving features for you and your event participants. In addition to sending your 1:1 participant a calendar event and adding the event automatically to your own calendar, you can also access your calendar subscriptions directly from your Doodle account. That way you can coordinate times for meetings that you know are free for you and your team.

To see your calendar subscriptions:

  1. Connect your calendar to your Doodle account

  2. From the 1:1 creation page, click the ‘1 calendar shown’ menu

  3. Select the calendar subscriptions you wish to see

The calendar events for the selected calendars will now overlay your own calendar in the ‘Week’ view of the 1:1. This way you can easily choose times that you know will work for everyone.

Use the timezone selector

Sometimes meetings need to be coordinated for participants across multiple timezones. With the timezone selector, you can easily see what times your proposed time slots will be for anyone in any timezone.

To use the timezone selector:

  1. On the top right of the ‘Week’ view, click where it indicates your local timezone

  2. Enter the country, city, or timezone you wish to review

The ‘Week’ view table will now show the proposed meeting times in the new timezone.

Scan multiple calendars for availability

In addition to the option to connect multiple calendars to your Doodle account, and can scan multiple calendars for availability from your Doodle 1:1. Now you can confidently propose times without worrying about your next meeting conflicting with a different calendar.

To scan multiple calendars for availability:

  1. Click ‘Change calendars’

  2. Select the calendar(s) you want Doodle to scan for availability

  3. Click ‘Save’

Create custom questions

With Doodle 1:1, you can ask your meeting participants to provide answers to your questions before confirming a booking time with you. This ensures that you will come to the meeting with all the information you need to succeed.

To create custom questions:

  1. Click ‘Add’ from the ‘Custom invite fields’ section

  2. Type your question

  3. Check the ‘Required’ box or leave it blank depending on your needs

Preview your 1:1

Have you ever wondered what your 1:1 will look like for your participants? Now you can see what the participant experience looks like with Doodle’s Preview feature.

To preview your 1:1 before you send it, click ‘Preview’ from the 1:1 summary screen. A new screen will load to reveal the participant experience. Use this to review your 1:1 for accuracy and to better advise your participants should they ask you questions about the 1:1. Once you are satisfied with the preview, close it and send the 1:1 link to your participants.

Learn more about 1:1

To learn more about 1:1, please review our articles in the 1:1 collection of our Help Center. Alternatively, discovery these articles and more in the support widget on the bottom left of your screen. Don't see the support widget? Make sure you are logged in to your Doodle account and that cookies are enabled.

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