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How do I create a sign-up sheet?
How do I create a sign-up sheet?

Create a sign-up sheet with our step-by-step guide. Provide event info, add sessions, and share with participants effortlessly.

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Create a new sign-up sheet

You can create a sign-up sheet from the new Doodle dashboard by clicking on any of the following options:

  • The black ‘Create’ button on the top right of the banner

  • The ‘+’ button next the 'My Doodles'

Provide event details

Provide the Title, Description, Calendar connection, and Video conferencing settings for your sign-up sheet.

  • You do not need to connect your calendar to use Sign-up Sheet. However, a calendar must be connected to your Doodle account for your sign-up sheet participants to receive a calendar invite for each event they select. Learn more about how to connect your calendar here.

  • Selecting 'Off' for your calendar connection means that each session will not appear on your calendar, and your sign-up sheet participants will not receive a calendar invite for each event they select.

  • If your default connected calendar is a Google Calendar, Google Meet will also be connected to your Doodle account. If you want to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Webex instead, select it as the main conferencing tool in your account settings.

  • If you select a video conferencing application, a unique conference link will be applied to each session.

  • The ‘Description’ field is limited to 3,000 characters.

Add Sessions

  1. Select the date of the session.

  2. Select the start time of the session.

    • Note: the start time is fixed to 15 minute intervals (e.g. 9:00, 9:15, 9:30, etc.)

  3. Select the duration of the session.

    • Note: session duration is set in fixed values of 15 minute intervals for sessions under an hour (ex: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc). When the session is over an hour, the duration will be offered in 30 minute intervals (ex: 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours, etc).

  4. Provide a description of the session (this is optional).

  5. Provide a location for the session (this is optional).

  6. Set the total seats available.

    • Note: the maximum number of seats for each session is 999.

To add more sessions to your sign-up sheet, click the ‘Add a session’ button and repeat the six steps for the new session.

Please note:

  • Session descriptions are limited to 64 characters.

  • Session locations are limited to 255 characters.

  • To remove a session, click the ‘X’ button next to the session you wish to remove.

Sign-up Sheet Settings

You can apply two additional settings to your sign-up sheet.

  • Make participant list public

  • Limit registration per participant

Make participant list public

The default state for sign-up sheets is to keep the participant list private so that only the event organizer can see who has registered for each session. To make the registration public, click the box next to 'make participant list public'.

Limit registration per participant

The default state for sign-up sheets is to allow participants to register in as many sessions as they would like. To limit the number of sessions participants can register for, click the box next to 'Limit registration per participant'.

Please note: the participation limit value must be less than the total number of sessions. For example, if you offer 10 sessions, the session limit for participants can be any value between 1 - 9.

Best practice: set the total number of sessions you are planning before applying the Session selection limit.

Finish up your sign-up sheet

Click 'Create Sign-up Sheet’ at the bottom right corner to finish your sign-up sheet setup.

Preview your sign-up sheet

You can preview your sign-up sheet before you send it to ensure that everything looks perfect. To preview your sign-up sheet:

  1. Click the three dot icon

  2. Select 'Preview'

  3. Review your sign-up sheet from the participant perspective

  4. Click 'Close preview'

If you need to make any edits, click 'Edit' and make the necessary adjustments. If everything looks good, you are ready to share your sign-up sheet.

Share your sign-up sheet

Now it is time to invite your participants. You can invite your participants by sharing the participation link.

Share with copied link:

  1. Click ‘Share Invite’.

  2. Paste the link into your preferred communication method (ex: email, messenger, text, etc) and send it to your sign-up sheet participants.

Please note:

  • Sign-up Sheet organizers currently cannot delete or change a response of a sign-up sheet participant.

  • Sign-up Sheet organizers currently cannot delete a participant from the list of sign-up sheet participants.

  • Sign-up Sheet organizers currently will not receive a notification or email when someone participates in the sign-up sheet.

Return to your Dashboard

Return to your Doodle Dashboard by clicking the dashboard icon in the upper left-hand corner or by typing into the URL bar.

Good to know

  • Participants are able to select events that overlap.

  • If you do not connect your calendar, your participants will still receive an email notification about the sessions for which they select, but everyone will need to manually add the event details to their calendars.

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