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How to use calendar subscriptions with 1:1
How to use calendar subscriptions with 1:1

Discover how to leverage calendars in Doodle for efficient 1:1 meetings. Subscribe to calendars from Google, Microsoft 365, or iCloud.

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Calendar subscriptions can be viewed in Doodle when creating a 1:1 meeting. Leveraging your calendar subscriptions is helpful for:

  • ensuring mutual availability

  • coordinating meeting times with multiple stakeholders or presenters

  • booking events on behalf of others

Using calendar subscriptions with 1:1

  1. Create a new 1:1

  2. Under the ‘Add your times’ section, open the ‘1 calendar shown’ menu under the 'Weekly' calendar view

  3. Select the calendar subscription(s) you want to include in the 1:1 meeting

  4. Any selected subscribed calendars will now be visible, and their availability will be taken into account when events are booked

Now you can easily select times that work well for you and the owner of the subscribed calendar.

Good to know:

  • You must use the ‘Week’ view to see your calendar and/or your calendar subscriptions

  • Due to data privacy restrictions, Doodle can only show the date, time, and duration of the meetings already scheduled on subscribed calendars

  • The owners of the calendars to which you subscribe will automatically receive a calendar invitation to events that are booked with Doodle 1:1.

  • With the additional calendar subscription(s) applied to your 1:1, your 1:1 will now scan your calendar and any select calendar subscriptions for availability. Doodle only provide available booking slots that work for everyone.

To learn more about best practices for booking on behalf of others using Doodle, please watch our pre-recorded webinar.

You can subscribe to a calendar from your preferred calendar application such as Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, or iCloud calendar. Please note that you cannot establish a new calendar subscription from within your Doodle account.

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