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What are the email invitation limits?
What are the email invitation limits?

Discover the maximum group poll invite list size based on your Doodle account. Get up to 1000 participants with Doodle Professional.

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The maximum size of your group poll invite list is based on whether you use a free Doodle account or Doodle Professional.

Doodle Professional users

You can invite as many as 1000 participants per Group Poll. This limit is the same for copying the link into your own email or sending the poll via Doodle's 'Email invitation' feature.

For more information about Doodle Professional click here:

Free Doodle users

The number of people with whom you can share your group poll is determined by how you share your group poll.

  • When you use ‘Copy link’, you are limited to 1,000 participants

  • When you use the ‘ Email invitation’ feature, you are limited to 100 participants

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